Covid Protocol

Covid-19 Policy When Attending Havurah Events In-Person

Sep. 22, 2021

  1. For official, in-person indoor Havurah events, the following are mandatory:

a) Prior vaccination

b) Mask wearing

c) Social distancing

d) Staying home if there are new symptoms or known exposure to Covid-19 unless there has been a negative PCR test in the previous 24 hours.

e) No eating

  1. For official, outdoor Havurah events: same as above, but eating is permitted as long as social distancing is maintained. Masks may be removed for eating.

Health & Safety Committee

Aug. 13, 2021

These guidelines reflect CDC recommendations, Massachusetts regulations and the prevailing data on local vaccination rates, area Covid-19 prevalence, and the efficacy of the Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, as well as the demographics of the Shir Hadash membership. The situation remains fluid and these guidelines are subject to modification as warranted by changes in the community disease prevalence, new data on the effectiveness of existing vaccines, or the appearance of new Covid variants.

1. Shabbat services run solely by Shir Hadash, i.e. not run jointly with Temple Ohabei Shalom, as well as High Holiday services, are restricted to vaccinated individuals (for attendees over age 12). Masks will be required for all attendees except those at the Bimah. Singing is permitted but removing one’s mask to sing is not allowed. Every-other-row seating will be provided and households will be separated by two seats. Children who are not eligible for vaccination will be seated in a specially designated section with their parents and social distancing between family groups will be provided. Registration will be required and will include:

a) an affirmation that the individual is fully vaccinated

b) an attestation that the individual has no evidence of an acute, infectious illness

c) a promise that the individual will not attend services if exposed to Covid-19 in the previous two weeks

d) name, email, and phone number in the event that contact tracing is necessary.

2. Kabbalat shabbat services in members’ homes are not permitted.

3. Shabbat services run jointly with Temple Ohabei Shalom will follow TOS policy. Currently, TOS requires masks indoors except for those at the Bimah.

4. Outdoor events. Official Shir Hadash group activities may take place outside, weather permitting, but are restricted to individuals who have been fully vaccinated. Food may be provided but with the following guidelines: to minimize very close contact between members, who will not be required to wear masks, no more than 4 people will be seated at one table and attendees will be called to the area with food one table at a time. As with indoor services, registration will be required and will include an affirmation of prior vaccination and non-infectious status as well as attestation there has been no known exposure to Covid-19 in the 14 days prior to the event. Contact information will be collected in case notification of potential Covid-19 exposure is necessary.

updated: Aug. 13, 2021