Lessons From The Mothers

Tradition passed from Miriam to Hannah,
From Hannah to the women of today.

Miriam the Prophetess used to say,
Let us rejoice in our fortune,
Let us thank the Power for good in the world.

Hannah the Pious used to say,
Prayers of the brokenhearted are as no other.
They rise to the heavens,
Answered in their own way, in their own time.

As their spiritual daughters in the chain of tradition, we say,
Let our joy and our sorrow, our yearning
Be offered in heartfelt prayer.
May we treasure the gifts we've received.
May we each gain the wisdom
To find the way through
A myriad of choices.
May each soul find peace.|

Ruth Kertzer Seidman, 12 Iyar 5759
© 1999 Ruth K. Seidman

(published in Neshamah, Volume 10, Number 2, Spring/Summer 1999)

Ruth Kertzer Seidman is a Reconstructionist and a feminist. In her professional life, she is an academic librarian. Ruth is currently pursuing her interest in the many facets of Jewish women's spirituality.