A recent zoom guest at our hybrid service commented (paraphrasing):
The sound was excellent, the camera was well placed, and I appreciated the screen sharing of the text [during the d'var]. Altogether, it was the best experience I've had as a "zoomer" at a hybrid event."

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Starting in the fall of 2021, we have resumed our services using a hybrid in-person/zoom format. We are committed to making our hybrid service an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Shabbat morning services, either:

  • Lay-led by Shir Hadash members (who lead the service and divrei torah/Torah discussions) at the Lutheran Church of the Newtons in Newton Centre, MA

  • Led by Temple Ohabei Shalom Rabbis, Audrey Marcus Berkman and Jenn Queen (who lead the service and divrei torah/Torah discussions) with the participation of Shir Hadash and Temple Ohabei Shalom members

Friday kabbalat shabbat services, either:

  • Lay-led in a Shir Hadash member home with potluck dinner

  • Rabbi-led at Temple Ohabei Shalom, often with a guest speaker

Please check our calendar page for the latest information.

About Our Lay-Led Services

Our lay-led service is typically mostly in Hebrew, with traditional melodies but we often add or substitute creative, meaningful readings and music from both Jewish and non-Jewish sources. Our prayer book offers transliterations of the Hebrew prayers as well as contemporary translations. A high point of our Shabbat morning service is the d'var Torah and discussion, often led by members.

Shabbat morning services start at 10:00 AM and generally finish around 12:00, followed by a kiddush.

We welcome everyone and encourage active participation in the service. If you would like to learn to daven, to lead services, or to read Torah, we are happy to help you.

You may also want to look at our detailed guide to the service.

Shabbat morning service at Cape Cod retreat